Sunday, November 05, 2006

PM's first school program

Tomorrow night is PM's first program at school. I am not exactly sure what they are doing, but each of the students in his 4K class are dressing as a different animal, he is a dog. He did tell me they are singing the "butterfly song". That is the one that there is a video of on this site.

So, we shall see what the evening holds. It promises to be busy, as I already have to leave work early to get to their old school to help with Market Day. And, we not only have our regular food orders, but also the fundraiser orders coming in. All that and I have to work the whole day, pick up the kids early from school so that they are fed before the program and get PM back to the school by 6:30.

So, check back tomorrow evening for pictures and an update of his program.

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