Monday, October 23, 2006

So sad...

One of my online friends posted the below about her child, that I am copying verbatim. Please, please, please, watch carefully what you are doing and keep those hot liquids away from your children! I have changed their names as to protect their identities, but have not changed anything else. Please keep Baby Son in your thoughts and prayers...

Friday morning the kids and I headed down stairs. Husband was in the kitchen and the Baby Son and I walked in. I proceeded to get silver ware and bowls for breakfast and Husband was fixing a cup of tea. The kettle just stoped whisting. and he poured it into his cup.The Baby Son was clinging to my legs. Little Girl walked in and started animatedly speaking to us. We were groggy still and turned around to see what she was so excited about. Husband placed his very hot cup of tea on the counter. Then while we were looking at Little Girl and still holding my leg he did it. He reached up and grabbed the friggin cup. I saw Husband quickly turn and try to grab it, but the liquid had already done it's damage. Husband scooped him up and I was yelling for him to get water on his face as that is where I thought he was hit. I saw Husband push him off of him and say that his shirt was steaming. Of course he was wearing a onesie. My HUSBAND was trying to tear it off as I was dropping his pants to not only unsnap the three buttons on the bottom but this one also had the snaps on the side of the neck. When we got his shirt off, his skin was hanging. Like the pics of the people bombed in Hiroshima. All I could do was throw his shirt and say FUCK like 3x ( this Little Girl and Little Boy repeat verbatim) I ripped of my clothes and ran with him to the shower. Husband uses loose tea and the leaves were stuck to his chest. I put the water on luke warm and aimed it at his back and shoulders so the water would fall over onto his chest removing the leaves. Husband was throwing clothes on the kids and strapping them in the car. I some how got clothes on me, shoes and a diaper on the Baby Son. We could not put him in a carseat obviously, so I sat on the floor of the sienna and held him as he frigging screamed. I could not even hug him. We arrived at the hosp with in 15 min of the burn. I had the valet guy come and i rushed in with the kids. apparently they took one look at Baby Son Son and brought him back and immediately gave him Morphine. It all hit me when I walked through the doors and stood there in the middle of the room sobbing. A nurse showed up and said you must be Mom. I was crying so hard they could not understand my answers. They watched the kids in the playroom and I was allowed to go back. They already had an IV in place and he was still not as groggy yet. Because of his pain, it took a while to kick in. They had cold wet sheetsover his chest. It was horrible. The burns looked much worse now that some time elapsed. With in 40 min Baby Son and I were transported via ambulence to a hosp 30 min away with a burn unit. Things got worse.

They had to take pics, so they can track his progress. They game him two drugs, one so he won't remember and again morphine. Then they held my sweet boy and scrubbed his burns with dry gauze so they could get the dead skin off. This really sucked. They said that once they were done restraing him, he would not scream. This was true and they bandaged him in this body wrap and handed him over. He just stared at me so pathetically that even though I was beyond a wreck he made me smile.

He is doing good, and his pain is very well controlled. He has a catheter in his penis to moniter his urine out put as burn victems can dehydrate quickly. He had an IV in place for the first two days, but is eating and drinking on his own and his Foley(penis) catheter will be removed today and he will likely be discharged tomorrow.

He has deep 2nd degree burns over his chest and part of his neck and first degree and his mouth and other part of neck. Most of the healing will take about 6 weeks and he will look like a burned boy for about a year and then it should fade and be barely noticable, but they can't promise anything. We will be making a lot of trips to the burn clinic over the year. This sucks, but at least it is something we can fix, and ultimately he is ok.

Bad things can happen when you are right there. Please watch out when you are cooking,turn those pot handles in, get step stools out of the kitchen,beware of candles and lightbulb,sockets, and cups of hot beverages. Burns happen so fast and they are so painful and take a really long time to heal. Learn from me, learn from Baby Son Son.
I will update you in a few days. I need go apply some makeup so I don't look like Heroin addict anymore, and switch with Husband so I can go on night shift with Baby Son.

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