Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So Proud!

Yesterday after picking up the kids from school, we proceeded to do a few pages out of a workbook while dinner was cooking. I gave DQ a worksheet that had her match the same colored trains (yes, too easy for her) and then she had to circle all of the red items and then color some items red. I definitely need to give her a more difficult one today, as those were way too easy for her. She was bored with it. I gave PM a more difficult one, I thought. His had him match lowercase and uppercase letters by drawing lines between them. That was a piece of cake for him. Then, it had him color all of the balloons with a capital letter. Once again, too easy for him I think.

After finishing those we ate dinner. During dinner, we discussed what they learned at school. PM told me about them talking about blends. They are talking right now about "na" and how it sounds. I asked him if we put at "t" at the end of the "na" what would it sound like. He sounded it out with me and came up with "nat". But, that wasn't the end of it. He went on to tell me that I wasn't right in calling that a blend. According to him, a blend is "only two letters one consonant and one vowel." How smart is he??? I am so proud!

Now, if anyone has any ideas on how to get DQ focus more on what we are saying to her instead of what she is trying to get out. She seems to get "stuck" on trying to say something or on one task and just can't change gears until she gets past it.

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